About Us

Dr. Tahir Akhtar BSc, MBBS, DA(UK), FFARCSI, FRCA, a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine from King's College Hospital London, founded Real Estate Investment business in 1987. Over the next 10 years the value of property investment portfolio grew 14 folds.

In 1999 Dr. Akhtar commenced a well planed strategy of off plan residential acquisitions in Canary Wharf London and took early retirement from Medicine to concentrate on his Real Estate Investments. Carefully evaluated investments in Canary Wharf resulted in three digit returns on investment property for sale. Strategy of acquiring full buildings for retention as rental portfolio or resale was expanded to South and North London and Manchester. A dedicated team was assembled in London and Manchester to manage these investments.

In 2004 the investment focus was shifted to Dubai in UAE to capitalise on rapidly growing Middle East real estate, freehold property in Ajman, Dubai property investment, UAE property investment, Dubai freehold property and corporate market. ADAM Investment (Alpha Dubai Asset Management) was established to invest private equity funds in small to medium size enterprises and real estate off plan opportunities. ADAM Investment has made more than 50 property investments in SME's across 24 business sectors in four countries. This carefully executed combined strategy has resulted in growth of investor funds by five hundred percent in 2007.

Alpha Dubai is an International Investment Group that caters especially for wealthy 'Alpha' investors. We seek to build long-term relationships with Alpha's that desire to build wealth by investing in United Arab Emirates real estate, UAE property investment and business opportunities.

We are participating in the creation of Dubai's future cosmopolitan society.

The Vision

alpha | Dubai is supporting and creating together with others the future cosmopolitan society of Dubai - which shall be a community of the entire world's top investing, managing, thinking individuals with life-style, vision and success.

alpha | Dubai respects and protects the even built achievements of the local culture and builds progress upon them.

alpha | Dubai is merging and improving the positive aspects of each different culture inside a friendly and open dialogue versus the collapse of civilization.

The Mission

alpha | Dubai is enthusiastic fellow of the clear stated visions & missions of the spiritual makers & multipliers of the idea & target to build a cutting-edge country with a new & futuristic globalize approach.

alpha | Dubai is for all "Alphas" - abroad and domestic - a family-like host. Based on values, trust, friendship, integrity and personal interaction. All alpha | Dubai members and fellows share the same fascination & believe in the implemented wealth opportunities and chances of Ajman, Dubai and the UAE.

alpha | Dubai is aligned to the specific & exclusive requirements of the world's "Alphas" - top-tier investors, managers & institutions - and their interests in Ajman and Dubai.

alpha | Dubai is here a trustful mentor for "Alphas" regarding their individual visions, targets & interests in lifestyle, property investment, business opportunities, financing / investment, communication / education / training, think-tanking .

alpha | Dubai is a platform of integration for personal relationship building, interaction and understanding among "Alphas" from all nationalities, mentalities and experience backgrounds.

alpha | Dubai lives and grows out of wealth development, success and interaction increase of its "Alpha" members.


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